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york. the emergency crews who nd the clock a major snowstorm shutting
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down a major transport august artery in new york. the emergency crews working around the clock to restore power and clear roads. and lots of blue skies. a slight warm-up by the afternoon. a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> and that is like the first date and second date. by the third date, it's a bad arrangement. >> the governor of texas does california dreaming or scheme. his attempt to lure jobs this week. >> and it's 8:30 on sunday, february 10th. thank you for being with us. i'm ann. >> and i'm phil. we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour and we'll look at the boy scouts and a uc hastings professor about the legal and ethical and public relations implication of that. >> and we a couple of hundreds
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of days away and we'll speak with some of the men behind this and about that celebration planned. >> and the sniffle season. and first, let's look at the story that captivated the nation, the storm that hit the northeast and that left a lot of snow. >> and erica ferrari on reports on the efforts to dig out. >> reporter: there is plenty of snow to shovel. and plow. and crews in the northeast and nothingland are frying to clear the roads. some 25 million people depend on and many neighborhoods streets remain buried and people can't get out. the storm dumped three feet of snow in places and this time lapse video shows how fast it came down. and that heavy snow crushed the roof and that weight was too much for the home. the storm forced people to spend the night in the car.
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>> the battery died. >> reporter: the long island expressway is shut down for crews to clean off the busy roadway. and several deaths are blamed on the storm, including an 11- year-old boy who can died in boston who died of carbon monoxide poisoning. he was in the car getting warm but the tailpipe was blocked with snow. some towns got up to three feet of snow and all crews can do is pile it up, and that is creating huge snow banks. on the coast, snow is just one problem. hurricane-force winds created a powerful storm surge and flooding. >> with snow batches, it makes it where the water is trapped. >> reporter: crews are trying to repair power lines. hundreds of thousands are without electricity and many more spinning another day shoveling. >> for the kids, it's another
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day to play. >> well, luckily it's a different weather picture here in the bay area and we're looking to a chilly start. >> and it's sunny outside. and this is a first look at the forecast. >> reporter: and we updated the current temperature and some spots picking up a degree or two and tells are in the inland valleys. fairfield, 31; livermore, three 3 and with that 31 degrees and keeping us high and dry. no rain in the forecast and that is a slight warm-up this afternoon and some temperatures warmer today than yesterday and a bigger warm-up is straight ahead and we'll talk about that coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. a public debate is continuing tomorrow over the opening of a gun store in los
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gatos. the owner is threatened by people who don't want it there. at the same time, the people are patronizing the store. tempular sports on university avenue and that store opened weeks after the massacre and sells adult style rifle. the owner denies the business is trying to cash in on the spike in gun sales over fears of stricter regulations and that the timing is linked to the approval of a permit. he's received a death threat at his home in san jose. >> and that is surprising to me. they went through the process to take the extra step to make a threat. and that is unfortunate. >> we should not be selling more guns -- guns and there is no reason to have it here. >> and a meeting of the los gatos town council ran late last week as people aired their
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concerns and the public hearing will continue tomorrow. as far as the national debate on gun control, philadelphia is the next step with -- stop and vice president joe biden will be there to push gun laws. and the vice president has been leading a task force on gun violence since december and the shootings at the sandy nook elementary school. >> and i will hold any effort. >> gun safety round table also filed on the eve of the president's state-of-the-union address on tuesday. president obama's expected to switchgears from gun control debate to the economy and he is set to address job creation and growth. can you see the state of the union address on kpix5 at 6:00 p.m. next, we're counting down to the opening of the new bay bridge. >> our conversation with the
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spokesman from the metropolitan transportation commission is looking ahead at the challenges and the big party that is going to be held. >> and the one thing that you should never do if you're feeling sick. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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what kim says, you feel sick, what do you do? may be you do an internet search on your symptoms to figure out what is wrong and dr. kim said not to do that. self-diagnosing can back fire. >> and i can can find a gazillion things wrong with you. >> the cancer and that stuff. i feel like i'm a doctor sometimes. >> reporter: from the common cold and the rarest and most exotic diseases, the internet is filld with information about every possible ailment. >> and for a growing number of people, that information may pose a greater danger to their
8:41 am
health than who might ail them. >> and that is look hypokindia triggered by the internet. >> reporter: it's called cyberchondri, when people spend time self-diagnosing. >> my arm was sore and numb and i looked that up. the first thing is i am having a heart attack. >> and that fear is escalated. >> reporter: they think the worst. >> and that is the risk, there by using all of the random searches. >> reporter: 28-year-old lisa luck can not stop. and with each symptom she reads about, there is another behind it and more on that and goes on and on. >> i am hoping to find a sense of relief. the exact opposite thing happens. i am stressing myself. do i have this? do i have that? >> reporter: she diagnosed herself with everything from heart disease to melanoma and
8:42 am
there is never anything wrong with her other than the stress and anxiety from self- diagnosing. >> i have been yelled at by numerous people. >> reporter: they may end up exam rating symptoms and that may lead to improper care and a delay in treatment and may not want to see a doctor. >> reporter: think the internet is a great source and can benefit the perils and nothing -- and better than a visit to your doctor. it's a which willy morning out there and the sun is shining and should be warm enough. >> and that is even in the last hour or so and some temperatures by a few degrees and this afternoon, slightly warmer than yesterday and that should be a nice half to the weekend and can you see the blue skies and there is beerily
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cloud out there and clear skies and temperatures on the cool side. we're seeing some spots and the interior valleys and some touches are at or freezeing. warmer in oakland, san francisco into the low 40s now and by this afternoon, a lot of sunshine across the board. the coast day and inland and temperatures should be in the low 60s, a few upper 50s as well and those are your highs. not a bad afternoon. the forecast and satellite and radar going on and that is looking look it's into the workweek and well north of the bay area and the future cast is timing it out and this dry weather on sunday, the similar sunday into monday and tuesday and that is looking that way. and this afternoon, these are your highs, upper 50s to low 60s and 59 in concord, 61 in
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vallejo and oakland and in to san rafael this afternoon. and we have a warm-up continuing throughout the course of the workweek and that is a look at the forecast. and there is a lot of sunshine. monday through wednesday, a slight warm-up in temperatures and check out thursday. and in through next weekend, the temperatures jump up and -- . >> sounds nice. >> yes. >> and thank you. the countdown is on to the opening, grand opening of the new bay bridge and kpix5 is waiting for the new opening. when the bay bridge goes up, the old one will go down and american bridge is the company that build the original and replacement bridge. >> and that is why we had kpix5 reporter john ramos go out and show us what is next and what
8:45 am
it takes to take down a bridge piece-by-piece. >> these bridges define us, in some ways as the bay itself. >> reporter: brad mccray is the regulatory director of the bay conservation and development commission, the state agency oversaying protection of the san francisco bay. he knows that building the new bridge will only be half the challenge. >> taking the old bay bridge down is a big project as putting the new one up. >> reporter: they say it's always easier to tear down than to build up and that is not necessarily true for the old bridge. and environmental restrictions mean it will be taken a part in be iss in the reverse order it was built. >> and that i have great documentation and they will use the drawings from the 30s, they will use the photographs that they have from the 30s and they will use that as sort of a road
8:46 am
map toup doing what was done 75 years ago. >> reporter: first to be remove side the cantilever section and that looks like a giant erector set sitting dangerously close to the new bridge and caltranswants that removed as soon as the new roadway is open and they hope drivers won't be too distracted by the site of workers suspended from the old steel as they dismantle it. >> and after the can't leafer is demolished, we have the main portion of the bridge that we're looking at here and then the final demolition is of the marine foundation. >> reporter: those won't be easy and some are buried 175 feet down into the mud. because they're not solid and honeycombed, engineers have an idea. >> to use microcharges throughout them, you could effectively have them fold into themselves in theory and have it work down on all the debris and that would collapse into the bay muds itself and they would leave it there.
8:47 am
>> reporter: the rules -- the rules about working over the bay are strict. how? if you're working up there, you're supposed to fish it out and that may not be easy to do in 75 feet of murky sea water. and once dismantled, any concrete or steel will be recycled or sold for scrap and other uses might be limited because of the toxic lead paint that coated the spoon for decades and some estimate it could take seven years to complete and cost over $240 million when that is finished, caltransplans to make a regional park in that area. it will be a place where people can come to view the new bridge and remember the old. >> are you going to be sad to see it go? >> there is a part of me -- there is a part of me that will be sad to see it go. >> reporter: finally, there is a piece of steel that will uncuttedly be safed and that is a figure caught -- saved. a figure called the bay bridge trowel secretly put here in
8:48 am
1990 by steel workers repairing the quake-damaged structure. it's guided millions of cars safely across the bay and could end up in a museum, but some say it should be attached to the new bridge for good luck as it continues the mission of connecting all the people in the bay area. >> that was john ramos reporting. while some longtime bay area residents will be sad to see the old bridge go, the new bridge is plenty reason for celebration and rapidy with the metropolitan transportation commission joins us this morning. we asked him, how big of an event are they plan something. >> and that is a big thing and having bicycles and runners and walkers will get 200,000 people on the bridge and to get a fireworks show, we will get 500,000 people participating. in the car kin ease opening --
8:49 am
carquinez, but there was 30,000 people. >> yes. >> and this is the woodstock of bridges. >> and that does cost a lot of money and you're trying to gain private donations to fund the party? >> that's right. this is a private-public partnership. we create a base level of activity to bring that in and the goal is to make the bridge available to the public and there is going to be paid, vents where people will pay and that is a half marathon and a public side. the two work together and so that the hole is greater than the parts. >> speaking of the parts this bay bridge is incredible. is that span that we see so often? and i was told that is a one-of- a-kind. is that true? >> it's long or one side than the another. >> -- other. >> and that was put in part
8:50 am
because jerry brown, who was then the mayor of oakland and williamy brown wanted something spectacular and this structure and bridge, the proposal by the governor in those days was to have a normal thing across the bay. they said we want something bitter than that and there is no doubt the governor and mayor were a part of the call. >> and when that is all done, it's going to take decades. was it the engineering or politics? >> and that is politics. we want to be involved in the process and that took a great
8:51 am
long time. i don't think the process needed to be as part as -- hard as it was and i have been through it all and working on this and that is has been 20 years and i am looking for it to being over. >> and environmental reg legs. >> and the environmental problem -- regulations. >> and the environmental people were the people on both sides of the bridge? >> that's right. >> and there was a debate as to whether it should be replaced and if so, for light-rails. and there is so much debate at a time we were wondering if it was going to happen. >> and that is a long time. >> the loma prieta earthquake, the biggest issue was the bay bridge and for 20 years, the state of california spent billions to spend thousands of
8:52 am
structures around california safe for everyone and almost the last one is the bay bridge here. >> 204 days away. governor perry of texas is on a california tour this weekend and the goal is to snap up some jobs for his state. >> and a lot of these, they come here and don't go back. >> next, california's governor snaps back at a radio ad designed to lure the jobs away to texas. new york tim,,,,,,
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good-h there is a debate going on. "the new york times" characterized as a throw down is between governor good hair and governor moon beam. texas governor is flying here to try to lure away california companies. california's governor sounded off on the latest radio spot having the so-called good life in the lone star state. >> not burp. >> should i liken it to when you stand by the ocean? no. and that is a big nothing. >> a lot of texans come here and don't go back. >> the response by governor perry about the lower cost of doing business there. >> and that is right. can you tell where's ready to go and we wanted another opinion and turn to jerry brown
8:56 am
who is from texas. our question is, all right, is california really in danger of losing new jobs to other states? his answer? >> because we have the best workforce that is already here, they're located here and they don't want to leave. number two, the environment when you're offwork is so much better than almost any other place in the country, that people will stay here and they will relocate the facilities here period. >> and governor perry is down in southern california meeting with a computer manufacturer who is looking to expand the business and they're taking bids from nevada, north carolina, and texas and companies are taking their jobs elsewhere even despite california's sunshine, great weather, and fun living. >> well, we went through this once before when there was dell computer, when they wanted to move to austin, texas, and all
8:57 am
the benefits that came from it and dell discovered it doesn't work. it's like the first date and second date and by the third date, it's a bad arrangement and that is what happened with dell and will happen with the left of the companies. >> at the same time, however, the governor's made no secret he wants to make california more friendly, the environmental laws. he wants to stream line them and to possibly alter other work regular legs and. >> i don't think where's listening to what they're saying but what businesses in california are saying. and when you go through the process on the environmental impact side, he went through that when serving as mayor of oakland and had a major fight with environmentalists and others. they were making it impossible.
8:58 am
>> and you think when this comes up, he will make california more business friendly? >> i think he will make it a more interesting, manageable place to live and that is going to be interpreted as business friendly and he's not going to allow hill to be fulled -- pulled in, that where's trying to do something for business. that is not a popular thing to do. >> and i think the -- i know the republicans would say he's not been doing things that are helpful to the business. >> no, no, they say he's holding back on the spending. the mayor's point is that the governor is going to push for the business things and is not going to present it as doing it for business because democrats and liberals get upset about that and so he's going to say it's good for the whole state. >> and? in some ways, that could be urged for and very complicated. coming up in the next half hour, the push for gun control. ahead of the president's state of the union address. >> and a the boy scouts delay a key vote on whether to admit gays. a closer look at private organizations and how it acts
8:59 am
with constitutional law. >> and the aftermath from the blizzard on the east coast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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millions on the east coast digging out from a record-setting snow storm. where crews are working overtime to clean ue storm da . millions are still digging out from a record-setting storm on the east coast. crews are working overtime to clean up the damage.
9:02 am
>> and folks in the bay area waking up to some cold temperatures and possibly frost. we'll warm things up this afternoon. we'll show it to you coming up. >> and the manhunt continues for the ex-cop accused in a southern california shooting rampage. new details on the suspect's arsenal and new video taken 24 hours after the first shooting. >> welcome back to kpix5 this morning. the time is 9:00, february 10th, and i'm phil matier. >> i'm ann. we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. the debate over the boy scouts allowing gay members. they put off a vote whether or not to start doing it last week. we're going to talk about the law, the constitutional law when it comes to organizations like the boy scouts. >> and another debate about gun control and new laws in sacramento that are being proposed in this legislative session. how realistic are they and how much of a chance do they have to pass? we'll sit down with willie brown and talk about that and
9:03 am
first, the big story across the nation is the big storm in the northeast. it's now passed. >> but it left a lot of snow piled and piled more than three feet of snow fell on saturday in some places. the heavy snow crushing the roof of a bowling alley there in smithtown, new york. the speed of the storm stopped traffic on major fries in long -- freeways in long island and 150 people had to spend the night in their cars. >> i ran out of gas around 2 in the morning. >> what happened after that? >> i toughed it out. >> reporter: at least five people died. the deaths blamed on the storm and that includes an 11-year- old boy in boston who apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning because he was trying to keep warm in the car and the tail pipe was blocked by snow. this morning, about 345,000 people are still without electricity. >> and we're not going to see any scenes like that here on the west coast, especially in the bay area. >> it's sunny and cold. he's elizabeth with a -- here's
9:04 am
elizabeth with the weather. >> reporter: friends in hartford and the snow was halfway up of the garage door. nothing for us here at home. the only thing to complain about are the cold temperatures outside and we're watching the inland valleys. check out santa rosa, livermore and some areas are seeing temperatures around the freezeing mark. otherwise, warmer around the bay. 43 in san francisco and 41. that is what you're waking up to in oakland. the high pressure continues to build so we're not expecting any rain, really, over the next week. it looks high and dry and we're going to see a slight warm-up. we're seeing a hint of spring and we'll show you a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, elizabeth. new details, meanwhile, e merging on the hunt for the ex- cop accused of killing three people, including a police officer. >> and he's still on the loose. the surveillance video from a know auto parts story in san diego just released and appears to show him tossing a magazine full of bullets and a
9:05 am
military belt into the dumpster and this video was shot on monday, the day after police say he killed two people in irvine. the hunt for chris dorner in person carries on. law enforcement officers searched door-to-door at the big bear lake resort area, east of los angeles and that is where they believe that he could be hiding out. cbs reporter edward lawrence has more on the latest developments from l.a. >> reporter: california authorities say the search for fired los angeles cop christopher dorner is the most significant manhunt in the state's history. now, they say, they discovered new clues left behind in his abandoned, burned-out pickup truck. cbs learned investigators found two long-range rifles with silencers, cold weather survival gear, night vision goggles and a gas mask. he's accused of ambushing and killing three people over the past week and said in a rambling online manifesto, he's out for revenge from the 2008
9:06 am
firing by l.a.p.d. -- l.a.p.d. the police chief in los angeles is reopening the investigation into the dismissal. >> i'm not doing it to appease him. i'm doing this so that the community has faith in what the police department does. >> reporter: an fbi profiler doesn't believe five years after the fact that dorner snapped. >> reporter: think this was a long time in planning, and i believe he fantasized in doing this for a very long period of time. >> reporter: police went door- to-door near the remote and popular big bear resort saturday in the shadow of skiers and families enjoying a weekend of fun. >> and that is scary, but i think the cops know what they doing. >> and they added extra manpower. >> you can't let your guard down. >> we're not that -- . >> and a man trained by the very department he's turned against. edward lawrence for cbs news,
9:07 am
los angeles. >> meanwhile. closer to home, firefighters battled a blaze at a homeless encampment in san jose. >> it was reported about 2:20 a.m. and firefighters were able to put the fire out. a half hour later, it was located at lanai avenue and telly road. no surrounding buildings were damaged. and a barbecue fire caused major damage to a san pablo home yesterday afternoon. this video was shot by the contra costa county fire department. the report was that the flames began when somebody that lived in the house started a barbecue with gasoline and then left that barbecue unattended and that sparked a fire in the garage. firefighters got there about 4 yesterday afternoon and put that fire out within 20 minutes. >> and a san francisco baseball ledge know will be given another shot at overturning his felony convict. giants slugger barry bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice in 2011 for misleading
9:08 am
a grand jury that was looking into the steroids scandal. this wednesday, federal judges will hear his argument to the u.s. court of appeals. and tomorrow night, there is a public meeting in los gatos where the debate over a gun store will continue. tempular sports opened two weeks after the newtown school massacre and some residents say the timing is bad event if not intensional. the owner said he's received a death threat tuesday at his home. and president obama will use the icon my as his main focus in the state of the union address tuesday. >> and gun control will remain a part of the speech, the emphasis will be on job creation and wage growth and that is something that most americans want to hear about. and can you watch the address here. >> a new commander took over in afghanistan and high will be the last commander and that is because most troops are
9:09 am
scheduled to withdraw by the end of next year and -- >> meanwhile on mars, the curiosity rover made history this month. the robot drilled into a rock and collected a sample. they were beamed back to earth yesterday. the rock samples may have proof that there was once weather on the planet. and tell, the next big push to end gun violence by vice president joe biden. >> and the chances of strengthening gun laws in california. our politicalled inners sound off. >> and votes delayed on the boy scouts gay member ban. the organization is feeling pressure from both sides of the debate. our conversation with a legal expert is next. people in duluth, minnesot ,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:10 am
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. good morning. once we're through the cold morning, should be a nice mild afternoon. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s. the real warm-up happens later this week. ,, ron: years ade a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare supplement insurance plan that pays for many of the costs that original medicare won't. now they have the confidence to keep making memories for years to come. choose from options like plans with deductibles as low as $0
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9:13 am
record. they asked each to donate $5 to abouting clean water to the people of ethiopia. and plenty of sunshine in the skies and elizabeth has more. >> and i am still impressed. outside, no snow and no rain in the bay area and that is in the morning hours the next few days and touches in the inland valleys and around the freezeing mark and outside, san francisco coming in at 43 degrees. concord, 45 and 31 degrees in santa rosa and that is where we're seeing the chillier temperatures. livermore, still, around the freezeing mark as well slightly warmer than yesterday, maybe by a degree or two. the warm-up in the low 60s and
9:14 am
high pressure continues to build into the workweek and no rain in the immediate or long- ranch forecast. and can you see that there is not much to speak of. relatively calm weather pattern continuing into men and on into tuesday, and then with -- into monday and into tuesday. then with will high pressure system, we'll get warm temperatures and this time of the year by the last half of the workweek. the forecastd highs for today, a nice day across the bay area. upper 50s in liver more, low 60s in oakland and redwood city, 68 as the high and in san francisco. this is a look at the forecast the next few days and a slight warm-up on sunday through wednesday and where temperatures still remain in the low 60s and then check out by thursday, we really bump up the numbers and reaching into the upper 60s and in our warmest spots, week squeeze out a 70 degrees reading and that is not spring yet but more mild than what we have been
9:15 am
experiencing the last few woes. >> the boy scouts of america delayed a decision until may and whether or not to lift the openly gay ban on executes and leaders. >> they will feel pressure from both saturdays of the issue. this morning, the professor of the uc hasting school of law joins us and that pie scouts -- scouts are not legally obligated to change the policy. >> they ruled squarely for the boy scouts to have a first amendment rights and don't have to associate with anyone they don't want to associate with. >> and this is more of a association issue and the boy scouts decide whether or not to police themes in this, should the traditional organization keep up with some of the modern trends of accepting. >> social and economics, because a lot of corporations now are beginning to look at the possibility of pulling their donations from the boy scouts. that is what is really creating the pressure and there is political and social pressure. the economic pressure is starting to get to them.
9:16 am
>> and i want to pull the lens back a bit. as you said, there is a supreme court decision about priest organizations. i have all wondered where the line was where it's discrimination to go to court and say in, and versus discrimination that is -- discrimination that is basically allowed. what is the line there? >> that has to be a private organization. if it's a private organization, they can't be forced with others. >> and the question with the boy scouts, how private are they, really? the case in 2000, it was assumed that they were private and they didn't push the cor didn't push the boundaries. >> we had the olympic club, the golf club and they seemed to get -- and whatever you want, to turn that until it was found out that one of the gulf holes. >> that's right. >> was owned by the city. >> that's correct. >> and if someone brushes up against a public facility or
9:17 am
something like that that is where that line can be drawn, too. >> that's right. >> and boouts -- scouts are using them in public and can be prohibited from doing that and if there are too many facilities that they're using, you know, and that leverage is going to be greater j. boy scouts are widely supported by the religious community. i heard a statistic, 70% of local troops are supported by local churches. that adds in another issue when you talk about some of the more conservative religious organizations wanting it to stay the way it is. >> they're having to do a delicate balancing act right now between the churches on the one hand, pulling in one direction and you have math, public opinion, and many corporations that are not willing to buck the public opinion too much. they can't take the hit on the market share. >> and a lot of this is public opinion driven? >> yes. >> and i will give you a theoretical and probably people say that is absurd, but if we follow the legal arguments,
9:18 am
sometimes we wind up in the land of absurd and sometimes that is law. baseball teams, they play in tax payers' subsidized stadiums. could a female soon sue and say where is affirmative action, my representing a? are you barring me playing professional baseball? >> they would have to be able to show that their exclusion from the team violated a statute. if you're asking could it be passed? the answer is yes. >> and businesses, where do they fall in this? as a business, the private business, can you exclude men or women? >> i think the answer is yes, but that is on the stipulation that that is a private business. once you're big enough and start using enough, you know, public fun, you getting tax breaks, that becomes murky. >> and that is definitely a
9:19 am
complicated issue. >> meanwhile, tens of thousands of baseball fans get a chance of a lifetime this weekend. >> a special meet-and-greet with the world champion san francisco giants. next. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not?
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register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful a push to strengthen nation gu alls on the vice president joe biden is flying to philadelphia tomorrow as a part of a push to strengthen national gun laws, fallling on the eve of the president's state of the union address on tuesday. vice president's round table session on gun safety includes congressional democrats and law enforcement officials. president obama named biden to the end of gun violence task force. >> and there are a number of bills in sacramento on gun control as well. >> you name it, someone will propose it this session. for that, we turn to former state assembly speaker willie brown. the first question: how realistic are the new gun proposals and what are the chances of passage? >> and i think they're
9:22 am
realisting. after all, it was in the late 80s when the measure on assault ban passed and they signed it into law. california has a history of being able to address the issue and clearly you need to do something about background checks and the availability of weapons for people who have some challenges emotionally speaking, clearly you should have insurance coverage if you own a gun. all of those things can pass in the state of california. >> everybody's pointing to the nra and says they are the bad guys, they're the ones -- if you're for gun control. and they manage to get the votes out on their side and the other side, which polls she reflect people that want the controls. it doesn't. if you look at the polls nationally and locally, a majority want gun control. >> and there is a hidden number of people in the country that
9:23 am
believe in their personal weapons and they're not people who do anything. >> not just the nra? >> no. >> and that is put up. >> right. right. >> and let's get real. and -- . >> just look at here in the bay area in los ally toes, somewhere of that nature and there is a gun shop that took two years to get him permitted. >> and i can look at the department of justice request for a gun background checks, which are going through the roof. 1.5million this year. the record numbers are going in there and you say one thing, like you said, to the polls and people's actions are different. >> and different because the second amendment is believed in by the citizens of the country. people really believe that they need a gun that they need to protect themselves, and i suspect that there is a majority of the public that is in that category.
9:24 am
believe me, when it comes time to make a decision about what they do with reference to guns in a candidate associated with guns, you have to be careful. >> and that is going to be interesting to see what happens in san francisco. i -- sacramento. i suspect most are going to be passed. will be interesting to see what the government is selling, however. he's been down the road on the issue. >> and we have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. the giants are leading to spring training. first, one more hurrah in their hometown of san francisco and this is fan fest yesterday. the giants fantastic -- fanatics came for a chance to see the players in person and they were able to take pictures with the world series trophy. >> it was excellent. i almost wanted to touch one and they wouldn't let me. >> oh, my god. yes, so happy and love hunter pens. >> do you have a crush on him? >> of course. >> where's beautiful. >> fans waited in lines for hours and actually, some started lining up the night
9:25 am
before. the giants will be back at at&t park for an exhibition game and that is played in arizona on february 23rd. preseason game against the los angeles angels. >> all right. meanwhile, two teams had it rough last night. can you do more than play football. here's more in sports. >> reporter: morning, boys and girls. if you like celebs and golf, you will like the at&t pebble beach pro-am enterring the final round, huey lewis, justin verlander,tony romo and jim harbah among those playing the final round today and let's look at what happens on saturday and pebble beach links, the focus of the three courses and phil mickleson goes down in a heap. and that defending champion and
9:26 am
with that is three back to the lead and punched within dallas and they tore them a part and this is the mavs on the mess on the run and shawn marion finishes it and they come home with a four-game skid and picked the up w against arizona state. the sun devils taking it down 62-59 and some hockey. phoenix goalie mike smith and the sharks. oh, wow. with 33 saves. meantime, sent him home yesterday and 1-0, winners. the strength out of the sharks now and have lost 4 in a row. don't forget the post round show coming up on the heels of the pro-am final round here on kpix. all right, coming up this morning, a last look at the morning's top stories. >> and that includes the
9:27 am
aftermath of the blizzard blast on the east coast. next. st ,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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9:29 am
an east coast blizzard has feet of snow. five light look at the morning's top stories. >> the blizzard on the east coast left up to three feet of snow in some states, five people died because of the weekend storm and more than 300,000 homes and businesses are without electricity. >> and new surveillance video that was released that may help in the search for the ex-cop chris dorner. the video shows him disposing of a bullet magazine in san diego. the police are still searching for them. >> and around here, we have a sunny and chilly morning. elizabeth. >> and we do. some temperatures around the freezeing mark and we're going to warm up this afternoon. check out the 7 arrest. -- seven-day forecast. if you like sunshine, you will like this week. no rain in the seven-day and a slight warm-up, especially the last half of the workweek and reach into the upper 60s.

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